Impacts Map

The table below offers an overview of all the event impacts on the site.

If you would like some guidance on selecting the most appropriate level of impact for your event visit About the Project. eventIMPACTS has been developed by a consortium of UK-based organisations that have an interest in staging or supporting major public events, if you are interested in learning more about who we are visit The Partners page. Each area of impact has links to the available supporting documents, case studies and survey tools, however you can find them all in the Resources section. Some key terms are referred to throughout the site and explained in the Glossary section. Finally, we want to keep developing eventIMPACTS and your feedback is crucial to this, so let us know what you think.

Area of Impact Basic Intermediate Advanced
Attendance - Calculating
Attendance Numbers

Attendance - Measuring Profile

Economic -
Direct Economic 

Economic - 
Total Economic 


Economic - 

Media - Volume of Coverage



Media - Engagement and Tone


Media - Value

Social - Satisfaction  
Social - Identity & Image  
Social - Participation
Social - Volunteering & Skills