A large crowd on people looking at a stage at a music festival

Attendance is one the most fundamental measures of an event's impact, but can often be misinterpreted or measured inaccurately. It is critical to measure attendance correctly, as so many other measurements use the overall event attendance numbers. Key issues include differentiating between attendances and unique attendees, the demographic profile of attendees, and the approach to measuring attendance at ticketed and non-ticketed events.

Why measure Attendance Impacts?

  • To define the 'event population' so that other measures linked to economic, environmental or social impacts can be aggregated upwards to assess impact across the whole event 


Capture and provide a basic analysis of attendance at an event

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Measuring Profile

These measures profile event spectators and attendees using a range of different demographic categories

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The measure of peoples' experience of attending an event

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  • Tour of Britain Finale >

    Spectators at the 2008 Tour of Britain Finale said that going to the race had inspired them to attend sporting or cultural events more than they had done previously. ...

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