Volunteering and Skills

Why Measure Volunteering and Skills?

The new government strategy for sport recognises volunteering as a specific form of engagement in sport that should be encouraged in its own right rather than just as a means to an end. Volunteering helps people develop skills which can help them find work or improve their career prospects and can therefore support the government’s push on reducing worklessness. 

The successful delivery of many sporting and cultural events relies on the support of volunteers.  Cultural events such as Carnaval del Pueblo and Pride London benefit significantly from volunteer inputs.  2,080 volunteers take part in Carnaval del Pueblo, including 700 volunteer artists during its street procession.  Approximately 600 volunteers are involved in Pride London, including 80 all year round, with roles including marketing, event management and communications.  The Ryder Cup in 2014 recruited more than 2,000 volunteers who paid for the privilege to offer their time to the event.  People engaged by events in these ways are typically sourced from the host area although larger events requiring specialist experience might recruit volunteers from elsewhere.

Some events also provide people with practical training opportunities.  A good example of this is the Cultural Olympiad's Creative Jobs Programme.  This programme enabled 40 unemployed young people to undertake paid work within cultural organisations across central and East London. The training posts were open to 1824 year olds who had been on Jobseekers Allowance for at least thirteen weeks and were targeted at residents of the Olympic host boroughs.  All the jobs created were parttime (24 hours a week), sixmonth fixedterm contracts, paid at National Minimum Wage.

Download - Volunteering and Skills Toolkit (.pdf, 54kb)

Basic Measures

Considers some basic measures around event volunteering including total hours, value and duration of volunteer engagement

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