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Event Impact Event Impact

  • Triathlon World Championhip Series


    Events have the power to inspire and change people’s lives in a number of different ways. eventIMPACTS provides a toolkit of resources to help event organisers improve their evaluation of the impacts associated with staging sporting and cultural events.

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  • open air festival


    Attendance is one of the most fundamental impacts of an event, not only in terms of assessing its direct popularity, but also in providing the foundation for measuring a whole range of other impacts.

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  • Liverpool FC gift shop


    Staging events can provide a strong economic return on investment through the attraction of visitors to a host region. The economic impact of an event is therefore a critical measure in securing and supporting local partnerships.

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  • Glastonbury Festival


    Major events can have a variety of environmental impacts in the areas of waste, carbon and sustainability. It is increasingly important for event organisers to understand the scale of these impacts, in order to best develop systems that manage them.

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  • Blue band Notting hill carnival


    The social impact of an event concerns its effect on the people and communities around which it takes place - whether at the local, regional or national level. Social impacts include the development of skills and volunteering, inspiring participation and delivering satisfaction.

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  • Press at Wimbledon


    The media impact of an event is related to the amount of media coverage achieved by that event. By quantifying this exposure, it is possible to assess how much it would have been 'worth' had it been purchased commercially as an advertisement.

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