Energy Impacts

Why measure energy use impacts?

The development and operation of events may result in many different types of energy use. This might be in terms of energy used in the construction of venues, energy consumed by spectators travelling to an event, or energy used in running event venues. Critical here is that a proportion of this energy is developed through the use of fossil fuels i.e. petrol and diesel in cars, or coal and gas burned in power stations. At one level fossil fuels are a scarce and diminishing resource that needs to be used carefully. These resources are typically connected to long term rising costs in real terms. At another level the use of fossil fuels creates harmful emissions, and has been connected to climate change processes. So it is of interest to event managers to understand the processes through which events lever energy use both directly and indirectly.

Energy Basic Measures

What are the Basic Measures

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Energy Intermediate Measures

What are the Intermediate Measures

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Energy Advanced Measures

What are the Advanced Measures

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