Economic Calculator

Economic Calculator

The Economic Impact calculator has been provided to allow event organisers and funders to get a broad feel for the scale of economic impact that an event might achieve. 

It works on the principles outlined in the economic resource pages of eventIMPACTS, and each step corresponds to guidance within those pages. It is strongly recommended that users download and read the guidance documents first, and that they collect all the necessary data inputs before starting to use the calculator. Robust use of the calculator will require the entry of data collected from survey work at an event. 

There are also a number of case studies available to download here that can assist event organisers when using the economic calculator.

Follow the link here to access the calculator and the guidance notes.



  • Economic Calculator Toolkit >

    Economic Calculator Toolkit ...

  • Overview of The Economic Impact Calculation >

    Economic impact is an important consideration when bidding to secure major events, particularly in cases where organisations seek support from the public sector to help fund staging costs ...

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