Satisfaction: Intermediate Measures

What are the Intermediate Satisfaction Measures?

In addition to measuring overall satisfaction, organisers may be interested in finding out attendees' opinions about certain aspects of their event experience.  The attributes of interest to organisers may vary from one event to another depending on their aims and objectives but can include, for example:


Ease of booking tickets

Access to seat/spectating location

Access to merchandise, refreshments

Access to ancillary events/activities


Value for money

Value for money of admission price

Value for money of merchandise, refreshments

Quality of facilities and services

Pre event information, marketing

View from seat/vantage point

The event format

Quality of ancillary events/activities

Event website


Helpfulness of event staff


A simple question asking people to rate on a scale of (say) 'very satisfied' - 'very dissatisfied' or 'very good' - 'very poor' can be used to assess satisfaction with specific attributes.  It is also worth including a 'don't know' / 'not applicable' option for event attributes that respondents did not use or were unaware of.    Some useful examples from the events industry are presented below, which utilise different rating scales.

The London 2012 Festival audience survey, respondents’ experience of events1

Notting Hill Carnival and the Mayor's Thames Festival audience survey, event ratings2

  1. Events for London Project Evaluation (2009)