Why Measure Satisfaction Impacts?

People's satisfaction with their event experience is perhaps the most basic outcome that event organisers should seek to evaluate.  Satisfaction is not a social impact per se, but an enjoyable event experience can often be a precursor to outcomes such as increasing civic pride among local people and enhancing the reputation of the local area among visitors. 

Overall satisfaction and satisfaction with specific attributes of events can be measured via a survey of event attendees.  Data from attendees is typically gathered using face-to-face surveys with attendees during an event, but it is equally valid to undertake surveys following their event attendance using for example an online survey should contact details of attendees be available to organisers.

Download - Satisfaction Toolkit (.pdf)

Basic Measures

Basic Satisfaction Impact measures overall satisfaction

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Intermediate Measures

Intermediate Satisfaction Impact measures cover surveyed attitudes and perceptions around aspects of the event.

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