Identity and Image

Why Measure Identity and Image?

Major events are often intrinsically linked to the locations and places in which they are staged. People's perceptions of an event may therefore elicit a strong impact on their perceptions of the place in which it is hosted. Importantly this does not just apply to visitors to the event but also to local residents, whose perception of the place as somewhere to live or work may be altered by an event. With local and regional authorities becoming increasingly active bodies in terms of supporting the staging of major events, the ability of an event to change people’s perceptions of place are more important than ever.

As with other impact areas, the measurement of identity, image and place should be linked into the specific aims and objectives of the event and its stakeholders.

Download - Identity and Image Toolkit (.pdf, 300kb)

Basic Measures

Considers two key dimensions - pride and perceived image

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Intermediate Measures

Considers the impact of an event in changing residents’ and non-residents’ perception of a place as somewhere to visit, work and live.

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