Environmental: Waste

What are the intermediate measures?

Intermediate waste measures focus on physical indicators, typically amounts of waste produced, and then considers different management options for waste streams generated. In some jurisdictions it may not be enough just to consider total amounts of waste produced but rather to consider and measure different waste streams (i.e. explicitly considering waste streams that are inert as opposed to hazardous, and with this having implications for management options).

The intermediate measures also need to consider the amounts of waste that can be efficiently recycled or re-used. The costs of landfill can be high in some locations.

Intermediate measures could include:

  • Total waste produced at event site
  • Waste produced per event-related visitor/participant
  • Proportion of waste sent to landfill
  • Proportion of waste diverted from landfill (including recycling, composted)
  • Proportion of food and drink containers made from recyclable/biodegradable material
  • Proportion of signs, banners, tents etc that can be used for multiple years

Some of the intermediate measures can be developed in conjunction with waste contractors who will be able to estimate total tonnage of waste going to landfill, as this is connected to charges. These same contractors may also be able to report on the different management options for the waste collected. In these cases information from waste contractors can be applied to estimates of total attendance at events. Then with the intermediate measures for waste specific primary survey is unlikely to be necessary. For example, suppliers of food and drink at events will have some information on the construction of their packaging and containers. Below are several resources that can assist event organisers when using intermediate measures to assess the impact of waste arising from their event.


For an analysis of the waste connected with the UK Festival Industry see


WRAP General Advice for the event management sector, including online waste management tool and guide to recycling:


WRAP Cymru Events Recycling Guide available at: www.wrapcymru.org.uk/sites/files/wrap/Wales%20Event%20Recycling%20Guide.pdf

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