What are the Advanced Measures?

This element should be read in conjunction with the section which examines event-related energy use.

A more thorough measure of travel impacts considers the actual environmental impact of visitor travel, and includes both travel to/from and during an event

  • Total CO2 emissions for all event-related visitor travel
  • Total CO2 emissions for travel per visitor
  • Changes in the proportion of visitors using public transport to travel to/from event
  • Changes in the proportion of visitors driving to/from event by car

Below are several resources which can assist event organisers when using advanced measures to assess the impact of travel in relation to their event.


Measuring the environmental impact of visitor travel to and from an event requires the use of carbon calculators/carbon Footprinting software. Carbon calculators can calculate the amount of CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases which are emitted as a result of visitor travel. Examples of carbon calculators available to calculate the impact of event related travel are provided below:

Carbon Trust’s Carbon Footprinting software


Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools


Blue Mile – Race for Environment

The analysis of the Blue Mile event provides a useful case study of the estimation of a carbon footprint associated with visitor travel.