Food and Drink Basic Measures

What are the Basic Measures?

Basic measures include action plans for introducing sustainable food and options and reducing food related waste.

  • A Sustainable Food and Drink Plan – which would identify the actions taken to introduce sustainable food and drink options at an event.

  • A Resource Management Plan – which would identify actions taken to reduce the amount of food and drink related-waste (i.e. food, drink and packaging) produced at the event by caterers and visitors. It would also identify how food related waste would be subsequently managed in order to reduce any further environmental impacts, such as composting of food, or recycling and composting of food and drink packaging.

Below are several resources which can assist event organisers in developing a food/resource management plan for their event.


WRAP’s Resource Management Plan

Resource Efficient Scotland

A Scottish Government Programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, which helps organisations in the private sector, third and public sectors to reduce costs by reducing energy, water, and raw materials use and manage waste efficiently.

FareShare Food Efficiency Framework  

This framework enables event organisers and businesses in the events sector to prepare and plan in advance for any potential food surplus that may occur during an event, work towards greater efficiency and reduce waste.

Eighth Plate

A project involving Fare Share South West, A Greener Festival and the Nationwide Caterers Association) which specifically targeted edible food waste at Festivals collaborated with Shambala Festival to reduce food waste.