Energy Impacts

What are the Basic Measures?

The basic energy measures focus on the presence of energy use plans. This represents at the very least movement towards developing more complex energy measures. The presence of energy plans reveals objectives in controlling energy use and shows that event managers have started to engage with the environmental impact agenda, and are thinking about how events leverage energy use.  Furthermore, public and private sector sponsors may seek assurance in the presence of these energy-use plans and systems. Finally, the process of planning will alert event managers to the opportunities to develop intermediate and advanced energy measures. Below are several resources that can assist event organisers when developing an event-use management plan for their event.

Basic measures would include:

  • An energy management plan for the event.


Resource Efficient Scotland

Resource Efficient Scotland is a Scottish Government Programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, which helps organisations in the private sector, third and public sectors to reduce costs by reducing energy, water, and raw materials use and manage waste efficiently.