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Economic Calculator

This calculator has been provided to allow event organisers and funders to get a broad feel for the scale of economic impact that an event might achieve.

It works on the principles outlined in the economic resource pages of eventIMPACTS, and each step corresponds to guidance within those pages. It is strongly recommended that users download and read this guidance first, and that they collect all the necessary data inputs before starting to use the calculator. Robust use of the calculator will require the entry of data collected from survey work at an event.

It is worth stressing that the quality of outputs will only be as good as the quality of the inputs. In other words, if event organisers or funders underestimate or exaggerate inputs, the results will represent either an underestimation or exaggeration of the overall economic impact.

Download the guidance notes before you start the calculation.

This first page deals with the calculations required to estimate spectator spending on accommodation and other items of expenditure.

1. Spectator spending
Total Spectator Admissions
Average number of days attended
% of spectators resident in the host economy
% of non-local spectators who are casual visitors
Commercial stayers
Non-Commercial stayers
Day visitors
Average number of nights spent in the host economy
Average cost per bed-night (per person)
Average daily spend on non-accommodation items